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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 17, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> clayton: where to go for the "after the show" show, could be a hint. >> rick: florida, watch out. >> have a great sunday with your family, bye. >> that was good. >> jamie: a "fox news alert," casey anthony, tasting freedom for the first time in nearly three years. anthony walking outs of lockup overnight in orlando, her attorney, jose baez by her side, heavily armed security, behind as they blew past the sea of protesters and the media, anthony taking off for a still unknown location. good morning, i'm jamie colby, great to have you on america's news headquarters. >> eric: i'm eric sean, casey anthony, yes, walked free, 12 days after the stunning jury verdict. as you know it acquitted her in the murder of the two-year-old daughter caylee and the case and verdict sparking anger and death threats against her. many people this morning wondering what she will do,
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where will she go next? she did not say one word to reporters or the protesters, who were lined up to watch her release. >> she had such a jury trial that was a bunch of jokes and the six-year-old would have made a more conscious effort, decision, than what they actually did. >> we don't care if it is ran raining or where the thunder is, we are out here. >> dave: casey steegel is following the latest from the orange county corrections facility in orlando, florida. walk us through the list. what happened, 11 minutes after midnight and how did it go down? >> exactly, 11 minutes after midnight according to the clock hanging on the wall inside the orange county jail, she walked out the front door, much to the surprise of a lot of the journalists, who thought we were going to sneak her out of the back or a side door but she came out the front, wearing a pink polo shirt, her hair in a bun and she was given $537 in cash,
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money that remained in her inmate account. a lot of which donations from the public, people who support and believe the 25-year-old, three selected journalists capturing the moment that lasted just a little more than ten seconds. listen. >> she was just tunnel vision to the door and that is when i think i saw that, you know, smile, of relief, if you will, because she saw freedom, and, she saw the exit door and saw the team and is like, me, exit, good-bye! >> reporter: from here there was a motorcade and two suvs and a white follow-vehicle and casey anthony got into one those suvs and from this location, they drove to a nearby parking garage. in downtown orlando. incidentally, the bank of the america building where cheney mas mason, one of her primary defense attorneys has an office
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and the parking garage is covered so news choppers could not track where she went and those suvs never emerged from the parking garage, other cars did and it's not clear which one she was in and where she went from there. they really are giving a successful slip to the media, no one knows, she vanished into thin air from there. >> and speaking of the media, people wonder what interview she could give and what is the reaction, as you know, this morning with her freedom from the public? >> reporter: obviously a lot of outrage and there were protests happening this morning outside of the jail, last night, look at the video, images coming out of there, 300 protesters, gathered in front of the orange county jail. a lot of them holding hand-made signs and they were chanting when the front door opened, and casey anthony became visible, the crowd got louder, and they shouted some things that we cannot repeats on television, but they also said things like,
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baby killer, and rushed the barricades, but, eric, despite the outrage and despite all of the heavy emotion, no major reports of violence, and, no arrests reported, as well. >> in the next hour we'll be talking about the media coverage of the release and whether you would wants to watch an interview with her, casey steegel, live, thank you. >> jamie: well that animation shows the lights on at capitol hill but it is unclear whether or not there are any meetings going on today. we are still waiting to see if the white house calls for another round of talks. with congressional leaders. today, on raising the debt ceiling. just over two weeks remaining until an august 2nd deadline. and, last thursday, president obama gave congressional leaders 36 hours to come up with a plan, but the clock has run out on that request. and are we any closer to a decision or are we where it all began? david drucker is a staff writer
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for roll call and joins us now. david, good morning. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: what do you expect this week? >> we'll see a few votes on some bills that republicans would like to see passed, to deal with the debt crisis and i think those bills will obviously go nowhere because i don't think the democratic senate will send them to the president and if they did, i'm not sure he'd sign them and i think once we have votes that fail, it might put us on track to try something that could work, even though, right now, republicans and even a lot of democrats are skeptical about some of the plan bs, that have been talked about. namely, the mcconnell plan, which would put this onus for a debt increase on the president. right now, senator mcconnell and majority leader reid are working on a compromise to the mcconnell plan to include, i think a trillion to a trillion-and-a-half of spending cuts meant to entice house republicans to ultimately vote for the plan b, or as i call it a break-glass plan. >> jamie: cut, cap and balance is supposed to be introduced on the floor this week.
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what do you expect will happen? >> well, i expect cut, cap and balance will pass the house of representatives, go to the senate an die. just about like everything else, that the republican house snendz to the senate these days and i know there are a lot of republican senators that support cut, cap and balance but there aren't enough in the senate to move the bill to the president. >> jamie: how critical is it to have a balanced budget amendment or don't we need it at all? >> well i think i'll leave that to the policymakers to decide. what i would tell you is that republicans, particularly the ones elected in 2010, feel like the government cannot control itself and so what they are demanding is the balanced budget amendment be sent to the state for ratification and the state could get it and reject it because you need 3/4 of the states to approve a constitutional amendment. i believe i have my math right there. and, so, i'm not sure that it would matter ultimately, but, it is something that republicans feel strongly about and i think in the future, it could do one of two things, force the hard
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spending cuts to keep the budget balanced and force the government to raise taxes, to keep the budget balanced, you never know what the future makeup of the congress and the white house is going to be and how the balanced budget amendment is going to shake out. but, republicans feel strongly about that. >> jamie: david, this president seems to be losing patience. with both sides of the aisle, but he has cuome down harder on the g.o.p. on this issue and what are the chances he takes unilateral action perhaps under the 14th amendment? >> i don't think he'll do that. at least that is not the indication we have been given and in fact if you saw his recent interviews he's warning social security checks might not go out after the august 2nd deadline if congress doesn't meet the it. i think what the president has to try and do is understand where the votes are, in the republican house of representatives, and in an -- an even split senate though democrats control the senate and try and come up with a plan or negotiate a plan that can get
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through both houses. and i think he's in a really difficult spot. but has given no indication he wants to go the 14th amendment route and i don't think that would satisfy the mark and i don't think that would satisfy either party on capitol hill and would create potentially a big problem. >> jamie: i believe it hasn't happened since the civil war and it really would be monumental if he did go that way and you talk about what the president needs to understand, and what do you think our viewers need to understand, at this stage? >> well, you know, i could tell you a lot about that but i would tell the viewers, it is not just about mathematics and coming up with a balanced budget oration the debt ceiling or anything like that. this is really about the philosophical divide of the members that they have sent to washington. republicans for instance, are looking at this, as not just a way to come up with a palatable plan to raise the debt ceiling but a way to shrink the size and scope of government, which they feel went way out of bounds during the first couple years of
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obama's tenure and for democrats it is the same, in that as much as they understand that you cannot continue to overspend and the deficits are bad, they are trying to do everything they can to maintain a level of government we have now. and, protect washington's ability to grow more if necessary. and so the philosophical divide is so great, that is one of the reasons you are having such a problem. >> jamie: what many people are saying, the size of government now could be the new normal. which seems to be thoughts on both sides of that. thanks so much, david, great to see you, have a good sunday. >> thank you, great to see you, too. >> jamie: jamie... ♪ >> eric: so excited about the politics here, i want to tell you about republican candidate herman cain who is making gains with potential voters and the latest poll numbers show that more and more people know who he is, and he snagged third place en an iowa des moines registered poll and he's not just the
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former head of godfather's pizza, he was here several weeks ago talking about his white house bid and, is speaking again today and peter doocy has the latest. he is focusing on the economy. >> reporter: he is, and he said he thinks we can turn the economy around by giving small businesses a break and he's a beman and he said his career what's been about problem solving, not politics and lowering taxes on the small businesses is the only way to get the economy restarted. >> the engine to our economic growth is the business sector. this administration has put nothing in the engine and everything in the caboose. we are never going to grow until we lower those tax rates and remove that capital gains barrier and suspend taxes on repatriated profits and that is why the economy is stuck install. >> reporter: the former ceo of godfather's pizza spoke about a controversy he injected himself into, support of some en a tennessee communities trying to stop a mosque from being built there and he said the people in
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the town want american laws and court and not sharia law and backs them up because they know, he says they know what is best for their town, and murfreesboro, tennessee and clarified comments that he would hesitate to put a muslim in his cabinet, he knows there are peaceful muslims but is smart to take a harder look at people who may be terrorists. >> eric: he made controversial marks but he has been on the campaign trail and went to iowa 20 times and opened a campaign headquarters there last week. what is his prediction. >> reporter: he thinks he'll finish in the top three in the iowa caucus and if not he'll stay in the race as long as a number of people supporting him stays strong and, speaking of numbers, according to a "gallup poll," 45% of all republicans right now, know whether or not herman cain is, and, as they are getting a better idea what he is about, the poll finds republicans see him as the second most strongly favorable
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candidate behind only sarah palin and also, mitt romney having the lowest, unfavorable rating. >> eric: fascinating. >> reporter: it is. >> jamie: the latest in libya, the capital rocked by a new round of nato airstrikes. one target set off a series of explosions, that lasted at least a half-hour. this is coming after muammar qaddafi delivered a speech vowing never to surrender. leland vittert streaming live from misurata. leland? >> indeed, there has been a lot of fighting on both fronts, number one, of course, coming from nato and, number 2, the rebels themselves, launched a massive offensive on the oil town of brega, held by qaddafi for months and is key in allowing him to continue this is war effort and he needs fuel and is not able to bring it in by sea and if this rebels take brega, it will be an enormous boost in terms of morale and
7:13 am
will cripple qaddafi and have a huge economic impact with the rebels, because they can export oil, however they have taken he have casualties, it is well defended by a dug-in qaddafi force and, the narrative is they don't that he have discipline or weapons they -- don't have the discipline or weapons they need to gain new ground without the help of nato airstrikes. speaking of those airstrikes, we saw that last night, again in tripoli. there was a number of rounds of nato airstrikes that came in, sortie after sortie, in the skies over tripoli but we have yet to see the shock and awe, the massive air power that can be brought to bear by the u.s. and u.k. and france, and they have the military superiority but have not delivered the knock out blow, in terms of communication of oil facilities that would cripple the regime
7:14 am
and has the rebels asking when it will get better an qaddafi, however, continues the terror strikes on civilian populations, here in misurata, we had a number of rocket attacks overnight, jamie back to you. >> jamie: leland vittert, streaming live for us, thank you so much. leland for the latest. >> eric: his defiance comes one day after the rebels are recognized as libya's legitimate leadership. how will the crisis end and is it a matter of time before he goes? or will he continue to hang in? ? former u.n. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton joins us as he does every sunday at this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: we have officially recognized the rebels that's country's legitimate government. but, i mean, they are not running the country. qaddafi is still sitting there in power. what does that really mean? >> i think it is symbolic, also, has a major practical effect, because we have unfrozen libyan assets in this country, making them available to the rebels,
7:15 am
which will give them an immediate fiscal boost, for their government and the areas they control. but, really, we are in what i think could be a very significant two-week period here, after four months of nato activity. in early august, we come up on the beginning of ramadan, the muslim holy month, where there will be a lot of pressure to have a cease-fire or at least minimize military activity. and i think that is what explains the rebel attacks, both against brega, which you have talked about, in the western part of the country, and help increase -- explain the increase nato airstrikes and so, if these don't create a breakthrough in the next two weeks, i think qaddafi, at that point, gets about a month of relative quiet to repair his position. >> eric: you have the month -- the quiet during ramadan could help qaddafi? >> absolutely. i don't necessarily think time is on the side of the opposition here. not least of which is because secretary clinton and president
7:16 am
obama last week agreed to rush in efforts to mediate the conflict. absolutely incredible in my mind, that we would ask the russian government to mediate a conflict between the nato alliance, and a regime like qaddafi's, but when you see these negotiation efforts underway, there is speculation the french have begun to talk to coffee behind the scenes and the italians jumped ship, and the prospect for a negotiated solution that is either -- leaves him in partial control of libya or leaves him in the country, increase and that simply contains the seeds for future fighting. >> eric: you say the nato or the u.s. principles are crumbling? >> i think that we have completely lost our way here. personally i favor the overthrow of qaddafi so he doesn't return to international terrorism but there is very little good you can say about american leadership or lack thereof during the conflict. the russians will try and
7:17 am
exploit the weakness and others tried to mediate as well, and i am worried the next two weeks of increased nato and opposition military activity don't cause qaddafi to crumble, that he will then use the succeeding months of ramadan in the muslim calendar to secure his position, and gain a favorable political disposition. >> eric: it's not just qaddafi who's digging in, but assad, had a crack down, in syria, arresting 500 people and he is still hanging in. >> there is no mistake the assad regime is extremely unpopular in syria, but there is one problem, they don't have free and fair elections there. and two problems, iran which has for the past several years effectively treated syria as a satellite country, has huge interest in keeping the assad regime in power. and while there has been speculation about a way to oust the assad regime i think iran is
7:18 am
prepared to go very, very far and shed a lot of syrian blood to keep the baath party rulers where they are, to protect iran's interests. so i don't see much prospect there in the short-term, either. >> eric: your prediction, finally, assad stays and qaddafi digs in? >> i think that this is the most likely scenario. and i think the pressure is on nato in the next two weeks, and, a clear demonstration, if nato cannot oust qaddafi, our credibility in the middle east and around the world and nato's is going to be very sorely tested. >> eric: that's bottom line, u.s. ambassador john bolton, ambassador, always good to see you and thanks for your analysis this morning. jamie. >> jamie: the debt ceiling debate raging on, in washington. with the clock ticking for lawmakers to strike a deal. coming up we'll hear from the top democrat on the budget candidate as we talks to fox news sunday's chris wallace about one proposal and they are fighting for our country but not
7:19 am
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>> jamie: new developments in
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the world of -- news of the world phone hacking investigation, 43-year-old rbekkah brooks is reportedly question of suspicion on intercepting communications and corruption. allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into the private cell phone accounts for stories of individuals, and the paper shut its doors last week and it was owned by news corp., the parents company of fox news. ♪ >> eric: there are just 16 days to go, just a little over two weeks, before the nation finally reaches that debt limit. the house republicans are pushing a vote on the plan they call cut, cap and balance. and that would limit government spending and the country's debt to a percentage of the gdp. but would it also require a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. this morning, on fox news sunday, maryland democratic congressman chris van hollen said he has big problems with that.
7:24 am
>> what they are proposing is to manipulate the constitution and use it to impose the republican budget plan, and if you look at that plan it does end the medicare guarantee and slashes medicaid and slashes deeply into education, and, it protects tax breaks for special interest. they would write that into the united states conscience constitution under their proposal? it would be easier to cut medicare than it would be to cut subsidies for oil and gas companies. >> eric: joining us now is the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good morning. >> chris: good morning, i wish you would cut a clip from jim jordan, the head of the republican study committee who gave a strong defense of cut, cap and balance, and, his response specifically to what chris van hollen said, what, are you crazy, a bad idea to put a balanced budget amendment in the constitution? >> eric: that is the debate there. what will happen? >> chris: i don't know, you know, we keep think, i think in
7:25 am
washington, that wiser heads will prevail and eventually they'll work out a deal, work out a compromise. because i have to say a lot of people think it would be very dangerous for the country, and dangerous for -- in terms of our financial standing, and also, very worrisome to a very weak recovery, if you didn't raise the debt ceiling by august 2nd. but, so far, i mean, there seems to be no give at all. and i understand this is on tv and that is different than what is going on behind private doors but the fact is, that this talk of cut, cap and balance, one of the questions i asked jim jordan, it may be a good, solid, idea and is almost certainly not going to become law, between now and august 2nd, and, while they are appealing to their base and the democrats are doing clearly the same thing, how are away going to get out of the mess, and, avoid a default or at least not raising the debt limit by august 2nd. >> eric: i ask the question, how
7:26 am
will we get out of the mess? i look forward to the fascinating interview. >> chris: it really is a very interesting discussion. a really interesting discussion, between two guys who know a lot and, jim jordan, let me say, right now, i suspect a lot of you guys don't know who jim jordan is. he's a real power in the house and i'm sorry we haven't had him on before, the head of the republican study committee. 3/4 of the house republican caucus are members of that committee, and he was one of the guys who forced john boehner to step away from the talks with obama, because he represents so much of the house republican caucus. >> eric: we'll see that, both sides laying it out on fox news sunday, good to see you. >> chris: thanks. >> eric: as he said, congressman chris van hollen and jim jordan debate the debt crisis on fox news sunday, check your local listings at your local fox station or better yet, keep the tv on all sunday, it will be right here on the fox news channel at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern, today, a very important issue, we're wondering what will happen to the debt and when will theren be a agreement?
7:27 am
on the show. jamie? >> jamie: we are monitoring a fierce overnight gun battle between the taliban and nato force in afghanistan. nato is handing over security to afghan force in fact for the first time today. u.s. troops also begin their exit. is afghanistan ready to control its own destiny? and, disturbing new information on how second-hand smoke may affect your kids. dr. isadore rosenfeld is here with his sund"sunday house calld that is next.
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>> jamie: welcome back, here's the headlines we're following for you, this hour. casey anthony, a free woman. she emerged from an orlando jail 12 days after a jury acquit her the death of her two-year-old daughter, caylee. her future plans, still unknown. the white house says there has been activity and progress in talks to raise the u.s. debt ceiling, since last thursday, when president obama last met with congressional leaders.
7:32 am
and, new york's senator charles schumer telling airlines to pay up for lost bags, or he'll introduce a bill to make it law. a new rule only requires airlines to pay up to $100 for bags that are permanently lost. ♪ >> eric: time now for "sunday house call," with us, as always, house call hoarse, dr. isadore roz rosen feld, at the wild cornell medical center in new york. >> jamie: good to see you, doc. >> good morning. >> eric: the first news story, about kids and second hand smoke. a study says children exposed at home may have learning or behavioral problems, they say. like adhd. doctor, how could there be a connection, between smoke and these types of issues?
7:33 am
>> well, the kids in the house where there's a lot of second-hand smoke, inhales it and, suffers the consequences. this is true if a pregnant woman smokes, the child in the womb becomes vulnerable to the toxins and whatever it is in the tobacco smoke. so, i mean, i don't want to be boring and tell you that smoking is in the good for you, everybody knows that. but, i have to realize, it is good for me to give you specific examples of how smoking is not only bad for you but for people in your environment, that you care about. such as children. >> jamie: thank you, doctor. a really important issue, perhaps, for you, perhaps for someone in your family, about dementia. there may be a link to something not usually connected to your brain condition. turns out your teeth.
7:34 am
all right, doc, what is this all about? >> you know, alzheimer's disease or dementia, which occurs in some people as they get older, is not due to a single condition. it is due to a combination of things in your lifestyle that can result in your brain not working well. your pressure, your diet, your physical activity, all these things contribute to your vulnerability to dementia or alzheimer's, as you get older. so, there is no pill you can take to prevent that from happening. the best way to maintain your brain function as you get older, is to make sure that your general health is maintained. your dental status. your blood sugar, kidney function, level of physical
7:35 am
activity. as you get older you should focus on every one of these things. your diet. because, all of them together can result in behavioral problems that you don't want to have when you get older. >> eric: speaking of diet, do you get enough vitamin c? the new study and warnings about folks who get little vitamin c and they say there is a tie between low vitamin c level an cataract formation for older adults. doctor, if you are not getting enough vitamin c it can cause cataracts? >> yes. apparently that is so. and, if you notice, that your vision, you are getting a little older, your vision is not as good as it was. you go to the doctor, and, he says, well you may be developing cataracts, and, what can you do to slow that down? and, i think it is very important, diet is the key thing. and, you should have enough vitamin c in your diet.
7:36 am
citrus foods and so on. and, if you can't have enough vitamin c, then, you do the next best thing. take vitamin c supplements. they are inexpensive and, you take 500 milligrams or a thousand milligrams a day. and, that will help prevent the problem. >> eric: i always thought carrots, eat those carrots and get good vision. >> that's right. that is good. >> eric: vitamin a, i guess, too. >> broccoli, tomatoes! >> jamie: good, good tip, though, carrots and i love the grape fruits and oranges, too. are you having trouble sleeping? a common sleep disorder, you heard of it, sleep apnea affects your blood vessels and it could increase the risk of heart disease. what do we do, doc? >> you have to do what is necessary to get a good night's sleep and that is not always easy. the first thing to do, is to check your environment. the temperature in the room,
7:37 am
your bed, how comfortable you are, there are any other -- the amount of light getting in, but whatever you need to do, you should try to effect your environment so that your sleep is uninterrupted. if you have sleep apnea, you can use a cpap machine, tell your doctor about that. but, poor sleep can affect your cardiovascular system, can make you vulnerable to heart attacks and so on. this is a very important symptom and in addition to affecting how you function, the next day, it can have direct effects on your other systems in the body. >> eric: all right, doctor, and, trying to lose weight, who isn't -- what role does metabolism play in the battle? coming up the doc will tell us what we need to know about high,
7:38 am
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is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. >> eric: drivers steering clear of carmageddon in l.a. and traffic is lighter than normal, and they suspected the closure would cause massive gridlock and this closed the freeway for -- a scheduled 53 hours, to demolish a bridge spanning it and los angeles's mayor is thinking -- thanking residents who listened to the warnings and they took trains or stayed home. >> what we wants to emphasize to
7:43 am
people is, it is working. it is working because they are cooperating, they are staying away from the west side and they are not getting on the freeways, and they are even doing as we said, not getting in their car at all. >> eric: wow, not getting into their cars in l.a.? the bridge, is over the 405 freeway and the freeway is set to reopen, 5:00 a.m. for the morning commute and if they fail to finish the work by 5:00 a.m., the construction crews face up to $12,000 in fines for every ten minutes they are late. ♪ >> jamie: "sunday house call" now, time for myth or fact. when dr. rosenfeld helps us sort through medical truths and medical misconceptions. doctor, there is a belief by many people that most people who are overweight are overweight
7:44 am
because they have a slow metabolism. can we blame it on that? >> well, some people you can, but, generally speaking, you know, overweight is not socially attractive -- a socially attractive phenomenon and when you tell somebody, when as a doctor say your weight is too much, they say, you know, doctor, it is my metabolism. i don't eat anything. look how fat i am. i don't eat anything. well, there is no such thing. what i do with such people is i take a blood test, after i examined them, and, i send it away, for thyroid function. which is -- reflects metabolism. and it comes back... thyroid function is normal, and, their metabolism is normal. and their overweight is apt to be more calories in, than calories out. exercising, and, you know, that
7:45 am
is the fact. weight can be a problem if the thyroid gland is not working well. but, generally speaking, i would say that 9.5 out of 10 people, have you ever seen half a person, 0.5? [laughter]. >> 9.5 out of ten people are overweight, because they are eating too much, and not exercising enough. >> jamie: when you determine the thyroid is not functioning properly, and you either put people on a thyroid medication that helps if it is overactive or under active, do you find the weight stabilizes? >> if somebody has a low thyroid function, not high thyroid function, a low thyroid function, their metabolism is slowed down, and, under those circumstances you give them thyroid replacement, and, if they continue to watch what they eat, and exercise, their weight will come down. >> eric: i love the fact -- you have to remember this, if you take in more calories than you
7:46 am
put out, that is a great -- great advice and you often hear of super foods like pomegranates or acai berries that are full of vitamins to improve our health and dr. rosenfeld talks about one fruit that is important, the common grapefruit. a lot of benefits? do we sell it short. >> grapefruit is a fantastic thing. studies show if you eat a grapefruit every day for two weeks, you will feel terrific, you will have energy, your weight will be good, you will have no complaints at all. i recommend that to everybody. i try to eat it every day and if you don't like it eat it for two weeks and for the next little while you will be fine. >> jamie: are there medications, that you shouldn't have with a grapefruit and grapefruit juice? you have talked about that in the past. >> i can't remember, there may
7:47 am
be specific ones. look it up. i can't think of any offhand. do you remember any? >> jamie: maybe you should wait a while before you take the medication, if you had a grapefruit? >> it depends on what medication. >> jamie: we'll ask... >> some medications, digitalis or heart failure, that you don't stop taking, because you are having grapefruit. >> eric: try it and check back in two weeks! >> a wonderful food. >> jamie: thank you. there's promising news in the fight against type two diabetes. the one specific thing in your diet that may help prevent it. and the clock is running down, towards a deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling with no agreement yet. what options remain? our political panel, fair and balanced, both sides, folks, will join us, next.
7:48 am
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>> rick: rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center, dangerous temperatures starting across the plains, 9:00 a.m. in minneapolis and already feels like 93°, and same with kansas city and we have heat advisories in effect. 17 states, right now, dealing with some sort of heat advisory and it is an excessive heat warning, in effect across the northern plains an od oklahoma d
7:52 am
will be a prolonged events, staying with us likely until friday, and throughout the plains and towards the east. today, down across parts of the southeast, not that bad but this is the air mass that will slowly move towards the east, and today it will be feeling like the low 105, 108 range across the southern plains and the far northern plains, feels like 110° in omaha, and, 107 in gainesville, and high temperatures, and another story across the fox extreme weather center, a potential for tropical storm development off the coast of florida. nothing yet but hurricane hunters will investigate it throughout the afternoon and we'll bring you the latest, right here. ♪ >> jamie: welcome back, everybody to "sunday house call," doctors are getting a potential tool in the fight against type-2 diabetes. a growing epidemic, in our country. and, doc, there is new research out there that says vitamin d, vitamin d, could help with this.
7:53 am
you love vitamin d. >> nothing else for us to say about it... >> jamie: tell us why. >> if you are at risk for type 2 adult onset diabetes, it is in the family, your blood sugar level is not exactly normal, but not exactly abnormal, and somewhere in the slightly borderline and you are worried about developing diabetes, you know, watch your diet, exercise, watch your weight, and, take vitamin d supplements. something like a thousand units a day. will help -- reduce the risk of your developing frank diabetes. >> jamie: vitamin d, you talk about going out into the sun and taking 10 minutes of sun, it is good for your bones. does it also help with processing calcium... >> anything that raises your vitamin d, but, you can't always predict how much sun you will
7:54 am
have and, it may not always be sunny and to be sure you have your -- enough intake, every day, over the vitamin d, you are safe taking the supplement. >> jamie: can you test for d? >> yes. >> jamie: do people do that? it is not on the standard... >> i'll meet you after the show and i'll tell you... >> jamie: you are always chags after me with a needle. you have to stop, seriously. >> can you blame me? >> jamie: all right, doc, thank you. my vitamin d is fine. i checked. >> eric: and summertime, you know what that means, the sun, they look cool, talking about sunglasses, for your kids. because they -- the raybans may look cool and, that is note only reason kids should have a pair of sunglasses, he'll tell us why with his healthy monday tip straight ahead and you know what happened early this morning? overnight. she's out. free. after three years. casey anthony, released. she may have been acquitted of murder of hill caylee but her legal battles are far from over.
7:55 am
we'll have live coverage of what she's doing and where she went and what is next, straight ahead. >> i think it is disgusting what she did to her family and what she did to her father. >> 31 seconds... i don't understand how somebody could just not care about that baby. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪ in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jamie: before we go, with sunday housecall, dr. rosenfeld gives us a good health tip to help us start the week off right. we are talking about sunglasses, and about looks and protection and kids. what should we know? >> they should wear s sunglasses when they go out. in the summer when there is intense sunlight we try to protect our skin. our kids and our skin. but the eyes are very vulnerable to the uva and uvb rays. you should wear sunglasses, polarized sunglasses. what else can i tell you? because the sunlight prolonged sunlight without protection against uva and uvb can over long-term, over long period cause cataracts,
8:00 am
and macular degeneration. so it's just as important to protect your eyes when you are out in bright sun as it is your skin. >> jamie: great advice, doctor. thank you so much. >> eric: doctor, as always. >> thank you. >> eric: sunglasses for the kids and grapefruit for the next two weeks. next two weeks. thank you, doctor. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: we have a fox news alert. she was in for three years and nnow has been out for 11 hours. casey anthony released just after midnight. >> she was freed overnight. she was locked up for the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee but she was acquitted in the stunning and to some surprising ver detect. protesters, supporters and security on hand at the jail for her release. >> that was probably one of the fastest walks i've seen.
8:01 am
it probably took 15 seconds. as she is passing me, she is, he eyes are looking forward. looking down. and then as she is walking out, the srt is falling. i believe it was an ak-45, and then she exits. she just went off. >> eric: where is she? what will she do next? will she give an interview? we'll have much more on her future in a live report. police defense attorney dade wolf will be here to talk about the rest of her continuing legal troubles. ♪ ♪ >> eric: meanwhile, the white house insisting there is still time to "get something done" in a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling. good morning. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you here today. this is a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. white house budget director jack liu saying there has
8:02 am
been activity in progress in the push to reach a deal. we're keeping an eye on the white house to see if president obama calls in congressional leaders for another round of talks today. steve centanni live in washington monitoring any developments as they happen. hi, steve. you know, time is clearly running out. the august 2 deadline will be upon us soon. is there still a chance to get some kind of "grand bargain"? >> reporter: neither side has totally given up on that. the obama administration thinks there is enough time. august 2 is the deadline to avoid serious economic impacts. the president could call another meeting today or tomorrow to talk about the debt crisis. there hasn't been a meeting since thursday. meantime, his budget director jack lui has been hitting the sunday talk shows saying there is time to get something done and saying that is the president's goal. >> the president made clear he wants the largest deal possible. he wants to do the most we can to reduce the deficit. that would be the right thing to do for the american people.
8:03 am
he made it clear he is willing to go in areas he has not been comfortable going into. >> reporter: there have been talks behind the scenes in the last few days and they continue with the possibility of creating bipartisan debt commission talked about now. >> jamie: what about republicans? how do they feel about that particular idea? >> reporter: that has been the report all along, divide in the republican parties. one of the problems. g.o.p. leaders have their sights set on big agreement, but the tea partiers are are pushing for the cap, cut, and balance. that's balanced budget and cap on spending. most republicans strongly opposing any tax increase. let's listen. >> the president is now asking hey, republicans, vote for a debt ceiling increase, though you campaigned against it and the voters elect you to be against it. vote for debt increase to pay for the spending. add insult to injury, support the tax increases while you're at it. >> reporter: we'll wait to see when the next white house meeting might be. back to you. >> jamie: i know the minute
8:04 am
it happens you will tell us about it. thank you very much. >> eric: there are growing concerns right now with time running out to break the debt deadlock. there are only 16 days left before the deadlock of august 2. both sides struggling to find common ground. as the deadline to default approaches, what options are there left to get a christopher haun is former aide to chuck schumer of new york. todd harris, senior advisor to senator marco rubio in florida. welcome. todd, let me start with you. we heard steve report republicans are holding firm on no tax increases. do you think that bet will hold? >> i hope it does. the problem with raising taxes is every single time it's ever happened, congress in washington just spend the money. the problem with the debt is not because we don't tax enough. the problem is that washington spends more money than it takes in. i hope the president calls both sides back today, tomorrow, whatever we need to do to get this done.
8:05 am
but where is the president's plan? we know that he wants to raise taxes but we have never seen a specific plan on how to deal with the number one debt driver in our budget. which is entitlements. what are you going to do about saving social security? what are you going to do about reforming medicare? this is why the country is going broke. the president hasn't even put out realistic plan to deal with them. >> eric: christopher, how about the presidential plan and realistic plan from the white house? >> let's just look at it like this. president said entitlements are on the table. the rheas need to bring taxes to the table. republicans are not willing to do that. so what is really going to happen in the next couple of days -- todd knows this. he is smart enough. there will be a debt ceiling increase. there will be no cut to spending and no increase to taxes. that is what the republicans have gotten here. they've painted themselves into a corner. they have take an hostage that they are not willing to kill, that is the american people and their economy. and we're going to see a debt ceiling increase exactly the way the president proposed it
8:06 am
back in january. a clean bill, with no tax cuts, and no cuts in spending. they want to have talks about spending cuts down the road, it will happen. this cut, cap and balance charade they are putting out there would never get done by august 2. it would take years to amend the constitution. i'm really happy we live in a republic where you have extremists that get lechted in one election they can't take the country and drive it off a cliff the way marco rubio and his colleagues in the senate and many colleagues in the house have tried to do. >> eric: there is a vote in the house that will probably pass since republicans are in control to require balanced budget amendment to constitution. todd, you just heard him call one of your bosses an extremists who wants to drive the country off the cliff. >> only in washington would the idea of not spending more than you take in but viewed
8:07 am
as some kind of extreme, radical agenda. this is very simple. washington spends more money than it takes in. we have to stop doing that. it's as simple as that. chris said something interesting. talking about the president's original proposal to increase the debt ceiling back in january. he is right. it had no spending cuts in it. it had no entitlement reform in it. it means that is what the president wanted to do. let's just spend more money. let's not address any of the issues. >> lack at history -- let's look at history for a second. we need to get spending under control and increase revenue to have a balanced budget. unfortunately, the debt ceiling talk is not the time to do it. bush increased the debt ceiling seven times. reagan, 17 times. where were the republican outcries then? now in an economic crisis of proportions close to that of the great depression, we have the republicans threatening
8:08 am
the full faith and credit of the united states economy by holding up a debt ceiling vote for no reason, we would default and throw our economy in a far worse situation than it's already in. >> eric: todd, react. >> you know this, todd. >> i don't think a $14 trillion debt is no reason. whether reagan did it or didn't do it, or bush did or didn't do, the fact is today on this president's watch, we have a $14 trillion debt. it's time to get serious about it. >> $13.5 trillion of it was there before he got there. >> that's not true. >> let's be clear about that, todd. absolutely true. >> increased it by $3.7 trillion since he became president. >> you are counting dollars allocated before he took office. >> eric: we're out of time, but the american people want something done no matter what that is. it just depends on -- we have to see two blinks first. thank you for the spirited debate. and waking us up this morning. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having us.
8:09 am
>> jamie: fox news alert and back to the other top story. casey anthony is a free woman today. anthony walking out of jail after midnight. it was 12 days ago she was acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. casey stegall following the latest live from outside the orange county correction center in florida. casey, you are not alone out there. there were crowds. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of crowd. also, officials really waste nothing time at all. we knew that casey anthony was scheduled to be released from jail, sometime today. there was speculation on whether that would happen this afternoon, possibly tonight. but, as i said, wasting no time. in fact, ten after midnight, she walked right out of the front door in plain view of the public. heavily armed officer wearing a flak jacket on one side. her attorney jose baez on the other. she even mouths the words "thank you" to the officer that escorted her out. casey anthony confronted with
8:10 am
300 or so protesters in front of the jail. police officers were on horseback, trying to keep the crowd at bay. they were yelling things like "baby killer." she was then put in an suv. and they left this location, making one stop, not far from here in downtown orlando. at a bank of america parking gara garage. it was covered. a short time later, different vehicles left the parking garage. they gave a successful slip to the pemedia. we don't foe where she went from there. >> jamie: ultimately, we will. casey, hard to believe. thank you so much. >> sure. >> jamie: nearly three years later, casey anthony is free, as casey stegall has been describing but the legal troubles could go on for several more years. here is defense attorney who will lay out what the legal troubles are ahead. good to see you. >> good morning. >> jamie: she has a lot of
8:11 am
cases pending against her, but the one i find the most interesting is the lawyers that have the victory, she escaped the death penalty, which would have been the worse. they are appealing the conviction on lying top cops. we know she didn't report her daughter missing. we know that the city and the state had to pay money to search for a baby they say they knew was dead from an accident. what is up from that? >> finally notice of appeal in case like this is automatic, so they filed the notice, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will file an appeal. they just got to protect casey's right. it's rather extraordinary when you think about it, what she got away with. apparently. and the fact that they want to not let sleeping dog's lie and kick this thing back up. bring it back in the system of criminal justice on an appeal level. why they are doing it when she basically skated with credit for time served and four minor relatively minor
8:12 am
convictions is beyond me. but again, my guess is they filed the notice of appeal, took this as an automatic m's to protect her right and protect their bar card. >> jamie: that makes sense. you have to do that in order to bring it later if you decide. but it doesn't escape me, david, think about it. she was convicted. she had to do jail time. she got credit for time served. and for good behavior. but she could literally wipe her record clean if there was some reversible error, jury misconduct or a ruling that the judge made. there were a couple of times where experts, legal experts like yourself said that could be appealed. so what are the chances? >> yeah. the chances of these convictions being reversed is nil. there is no question she lied to -- lied to cops. the record is clear as day. i don't think they challenged that. the big problem is the civil suit. the wages or the earnings
8:13 am
from interviews is not protected. if she gets massive judgment from equisearch or gonzalez, it will attach to the wages and it could be substantial. she could get up to $1 million for interview in this case. the reality is that could all be taken tjudgments. it will depend on the facts of them, whether equisearch is solicited by casey to find her daughter. if so, they could get massive judgment. whether gonzalez was targeted or the name came out of a phone book or referring to, as some believe, the drug xanax. some call it xanny the nanny, a judge that tranquilizes the child and serve as nanny. we don't know yet. the litigation will be explosive so we have not heard the last of casey anthony with the court cases for sure. >> jamie: that is interesting about the xanax. xanny the nanny, equisearch,
8:14 am
court say she could pay for going to universal where she never really worked. if she leaves the state and we don't know where she is right now, does she protect herself at all from the judgments? can she maneuver and manipulate to get interview from revenue and is she entitled to keep it separate and apart from the suits that come her way in term of judgment? >> i suppose if she got it in an offshore bank account protected from a judgment, that is not likely going to happen because the payments won't be made in a way where she will funnel them to off-shore account. the reality is there will be a lot of money, jamie. all the people that condemned the verdict and condemned casey anthony will sit glued to their television set when the interview takes place, and it inevitably will. there could be 100 million people watching the interview it is going to happen, though in essence she is profiting from the death of her daughter. and the media firm that
8:15 am
interviews her would be as well. >> jamie: it sounds like she is except from the son of sam law which would protect her and the victims from not being able to benefit financially. david, thank you. meanwhile, a lot of people signing up for caylee's law. 1.2 million signatures online for a petition to make it a felony for not reporting your child missing after 24 hours. thank you, david. so much. >> absolutely. you bet. >> jamie: eric? ♪ ♪ >> eric: jamie, new developments this morning in the fuse of the world phone hack -- news of the world phone hacking investigation. former chief exective of the british paper has been arrested. 42-year-old rebekah brooks reportedly questioned on suspicion of intercepting communication and corruption. "news of the world" owned by news corp, the parent company of fox news. sky news, our sister network in london, jane dougal live in london with the latest. jane? >> reporter: well, we are
8:16 am
getting very little information from the detectives here at scotland yard. all they confirm is at 12:00 today they arrested a 43-year-old woman by appointment, at a london police station. we believe that woman is rebekah brooks. what it mines by appointment is she voluntarily went to the police station. we are told she is now in custody answering questions from the detectives. it she was arrested in part of operation waiting, the operation that is looking in to the allegation of phone hacking. the charges that she faces are she has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to intercept communications and on suspicion of corruption allegation. second operation, which is undergoing at the moment called operation elson is looking at the allegations of inappropriate payments to police officers. that is another part of the operation that is arrested rebekah brooks today. now she resigns on friday, as the chief executive of news international. at the time of phone hacking
8:17 am
allegations emerging, she was the editor of the news of the world newspaper. in 2002, we're told that mi milly dowler, a 13-year-old girl that disappeared and later found murdered, we're told her phone was hacked and at the time, rebekah brooks was editor of "news of the world." because of that, rupert murdock and james murdock came to london. they apologized to the family. they also took out an apology advertisement in many of the british newspapers today and yesterday, saying sorry for the actions of the "news of the world" journalists. all three of these people have been summoned to appear before a select committee on tuesday. that's when m.p.s will ask questions about the actions of the "news of the world" journalist. however, now that rebekah brooks has been arrested, there may be legal issues whether she can "a" attend
8:18 am
the select committee. "b," what questions she will be able to answer. she can just respond "no comment" because there is a police investigation now undergoing and i cannot prejudice that. eric? >> eric: jane, thank you for the latest. live from scotland yard. jamie? >> jamie: afghanistan on the edge of being its own peacekeeper. nato is beginning to hand things over but today we hear of more deadly violence. is the country really ready to do it on their own? a lot of americans feeling the pinch. . they lost value in their home but they are paying the same high property taxes. what you can do to lower your tax bill. that is coming up in our take charge consumer protection segment. [ slurp! ] [ female announcer ] hey, ladies, here's a little something [ chomp! ] you'll find irresistible, cinnamon toast crunch, with a delicious cinnamon and sugar taste that's amazing. crave those crazy squares. [ slurp! ]
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>> jamie: you may be one of those affected. home values across the country have taken quite a hit in recent years but one thing that doesn't seem to have followed suit in many cases are the property taxes we are having to pay. they are supposed to be based on value, current value. so if your home's price or value is dropping, your property taxes haven't, what can you do? turns out a lot. that is the focus of today's take charge consumer protection segment. joining me now, sherry
8:23 am
ollieson, a real estate and business attorney. sherry, thank you for joining us today. >> it's my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> jamie: your information was so helpful when i had to chance to review the steps to take to protest or petition the amount we're charged for the taxes. it will be so helpful and save folks money. the first one is you say you should decide and know what adds value to your property and what reduces it, because that's what they are based on. what are some examples? >> exactly. exactly. the opportunity here is that appraising is an art, not a science. homeowners are in a much better position to drill down in that value than the county on limited resources and time. what you want to look at are the features of your home and the price paid for your home versus other homes, that would include the square footage, the age, the size of the home and the size of your lot. maybe features that would make your neighbor's home worth more and taxes should be higher. like a pool or renovating kitchen, that sort of thing. >> jamie: so now let's say
8:24 am
you feel like you are overpaying. what is the first step to find someone to talk to about it? >> the procedures are set by statute. they are different from state to state. each county decides how they want to implement the procedures. so for broward county, florida, similar to a lot of counties throughout the country, the first step is you have the right to ask the property appraiser's office the meet with you one-on-one and explain why you came up with the valuation. you can file a petition with the board the value adjustment board. they are the ones that hear the petition and decide if a property appraiser's office was wrong. because they are so busy in most counties, they are using special magistrate to hear the recommendation and make a recommendation to the value adjustment board. you will present your evidence and the board will decide whether you overcome what they call the presumption of correctness. that means the presumption that property appraiser's office is correct. >> jamie: that is great.
8:25 am
that is a feature list you make to add or decrease value to come in handy whether you are going to a hearing or you file that petition or actually if you can go to court in your area, people can check. what about other ways to save money? i understand that paying early can pay off. >> yeah. if you pay early, in most counties, you get as much as 4% discount. in this area, that is paying by november. in this area, paying by april isser canned late, though. so you need to be -- april is considered paying late. penalties accrue and after that, the counties sell what is a tax certificate. a lot of investors are looking to buy these now. if you don't pay the tax on time, that might happen. after a few years, the owners of the tax certificates can petition for the deed to your home. >> jamie: what about if you have a mortgage? do you have to take any extra steps? are you obligated to let the bank know if it's part of your mortgage payment, taxes, that you will petition to try to get a reduction?
8:26 am
>> you are not obligated but it is a great question that you want to ask. banks have huge number of the taxes they pay each year and they pay them electronically so it's not like you can call and speak to someone and they will take care of it. there are three components of that, that you want to take care of. one is the refund. if your taxes are reduced and you get a refund, it probably goes to the bank. you have want to make sure you get the money. two is the monthly payment. if you escrow each month for taxes, the payment should go down. three, most lenders hold an overage. you want to get that back. the lenders themselves petition to have the taxes reduced on hundreds of thousands of r.a.o. properties they own as well. they usually have systems in place for this. >> jamie: or a department. sherry, some of us will be lucky enough to hire you to do it for us but maybe we helped people get a head start and get their taxes
8:27 am
lower. we hope to help. thank you for being with us. >> sure. take care. >> jamie: you as well. for more on how you can take charge on a number of consumer issues, go to all you do is click on the america news headquarters page and look for a link that i posted for many of the consumer take charge segment. >> eric: great advice. terrific. they fight for our freedom but a study raises questions about how many members of the military actually have their votes counted. the defense department says the numbers are up. but congressional hearing on friday focussed on a new report that says not enough service men/women are able to cast their ballots. protecting the vote for those that protect us coming up.
8:28 am
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>> eric: now to the effort to make sure that the votes of the troops overseas are
8:32 am
counted. military voting was subject of a military sub committee hearing on friday. the chairman of the sub committee, republican joe wilson, concerned about a new report that claims the number of military absentee ballots counted in the 2010 election was only 4.6%. that study from the group military families united. eric ebersol heads up the voter protection committee there. he is am toer bush administration lawyer -- former bush administration lawyer. welcome. this is such a vital issue, making sure that the troops, all of our troops can vote. what is the concern? >> we have data from several states that show only 5, 6, 7% of the service members are able to, or were able to request absentee ballot in the 2010 election. since so many of of them are so far from home, most of them have to rely on the absentee voting process. they aren't able to request
8:33 am
absentee ballot in the first instance, they are not going to vote when the election comes around. we've got to find -- sorry. >> eric: i don't mean to interrupt you but do you find the issue on the end of a lot of local districts? in new york and illinois for example, they had deadlines that they ask for waivers to get around. but you've got to get it out there. >> you have to get a ballot out there. if there is not a ball lot request in the first instance. there were problems in new york. they rejected one out of three absentee ballot that came back from the service members, but again if they don't have the absentee ballot request in the first instance to give that signal to new york to send the ballot, then they are not participating at all. so the question in my mind is what is really critical here, how do we get the other 94-95% of the service member s to request absentee ballot and participate in the election? local military officials can't walk in and start renl
8:34 am
centering the service members so it's incumbent the department of defense, the pentagon to make sure that they step in, in lieu of the local offices to make sure the absentee ballot requests are made in a timely manner. >> eric: the defense department has an office that deals with that. they have given us a statement. that is the office of the federal voting assistance program. director is bob kerry. here is the statement he gave to fox news in part. some of the statement. the department of defense has been proactive in identifying the challenges with military voting. the department is aware of the military voter protection project report. understands that the report is based on the raw data reported by the states. preliminary data from the department post election survey shows increase in military voter participation from 2006 to 2010. at a rate that may exceed voter participation of the general population. however, he says the data is still under analysis. so what is underp analysis, take a look at what they said about the 2008 election.
8:35 am
this is interesting. 73% of active duty, military personnel voted. 67% of absentee ballot return rate. you know what that means. one-third did not get the absentee ballots back. 17% said they never got the absentee ballot they wanted. and eric, at fox news, at our voter fraud at i got a ton of e-mails from the military members around the world who said we asked the local office for absentee ballot. i never got one and couldn't vote. how the we make sure they do vote? >> one thing implemented other than a new law to significantly improve it is the electronic delivery options. being able to send ballots via e-mail. another critical aspect is there were express mail delivery options as well. it will improve as we continue to move forward.
8:36 am
for future elections. >> eric: it could be impossible to get 100%. it could be in the 90s. do you think eventually every military member that wants to vote will vote? >> i think yes, as long as we continue to keep a spotlight on the issue and keep people's feet to the fire to make sure that our service members have every reasonable opportunity to vote. i think we can overcome this. the states have done a better job in 2010 making sure that the ballot got out on time. there were some mistakes made. no doubt about that. but as long as we keep a spotlight on it and keep our federal government officials as well as our state local election officials make them follow the law, i think we will get much significant improve in the the area. >> the group is military families united. >> yes. >> eric: you have a web site and you have been studying the issue. a little over a year before the general election. thank you for joining us.
8:37 am
>> thank you. really appreciate it. >> jamie: dramatic new developments in the war in afghanistan. there is fierce fighting breaking out as nato troops saturday handing over security to afghan forces for the first time today. the question is: are they ready to take control? we'll be right back. ♪ [ jim ] i need to push out a software upgrade. build a new app for the sales team in beijing. and convince the c.e.o. his email will find him... wherever he is. i need to see my family while they're still awake. [ malennouncer ] with global services from dell, jim can address his company's i.t. needs through custom built applications, cloud solutions and ongoing support in over 100 countries. so his company sees results. and jim sees his family. dell. the power to do more.
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8:41 am
we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. >> jamie: there is fierce new fighting breaking out in afghanistan. nato forces killing at least 13 taliban fighters in a tense gun battle. the new fighting as nato forces start handing over security to the afghans. as the u.s. troop begin pulling out of the country. but is afghanistan ready to control its own destiny? chuck nash, retired navy captain, fox news military analyst. great you're here. thank you. >> my pleasure, jamie. nice to be back with you. >> jamie: what is the reality
8:42 am
of a totedal troop withdrawal in 2014? >> well, if it's based strictly on the timeline in 2014, without taking into account events on the ground, it could basically turn back everything that we achieved to this point. hopefully what will happen is like the president said he will go with the commanderers and take their advice. right now there is a goal for 2014. >> jamie: we have spent years to encourage afghan security to take over responsibility. today, a turnover in one area. what is special about the area to allow it to happen and how do you think it will turn out? >> it's an area that is out of the main fray. the big fighting is in kandahar and along the border with pakistan. this is an area they could turn over. they are doing it and it's a
8:43 am
test case. canadians ceased their combat operations last week. they are going to replace their combat troops with 950 trainers. everybody is looking at the exit since the united states announceded we're pulling out. >> jamie: 10,000 of our troops will leave at the end of this year. and that has begun. how is it going? >> it's too early to tell. what happened is 650 troops left. they will not be replaced. that is the first increment of the 10,000 that you mentioned. so it will be, hopefully it will be more of a gradual reduction, so that we can meter the troops out as we take account of what is really happening on the ground. >> jamie: several generals recommended a slower withdrawal schedule than what president obama wants and is currently going to get. do you think we'll hear from them again? or in the military way will they just do what they have been asked to do? >> the thing about the military professionals, you
8:44 am
have two options. you can execute the orders as best you can or resign. you don't stay on active duty and snipe against the chain of commander. if you feel that the orders that you have been given are illegal, you are not under any obligation to obey itment if it's a legal order and you fundamentally disagree with it and don't know how you can maintain your oath you took as an officer, you have to retire. it will be one of the two. we see what happens with the retire in the the fall. >> jamie: i follow this from the start and you follow it closer than i am able to. at this point, especially at this point watching who are family members of military men and women in afghanistan right now, what is the mission? how has it changed? is there enough of a focus for those there serving us so bravely every day to know exactly what they need to do. an when the mission will be
8:45 am
complete. >> yeah. tactically, jamie, we're making great strides. if you look at the data that comes across the wires, almost every day we are taking out a provincial taliban leader or taking down 15 i think in your lead-in to this, you were talking about 20-something taliban fighters killed in a single engagement. tactically, the troops are doing a great job. question on a strategic, grander level, what is it that we are doing? even if we train the traps now, if we pull out and we pull out too soon, then it is a foundation built on sand. the people are going to choose sides, the last time in 1989, when soviets left, a zil war followed. sides were drawn and the fighting went on. we don't want to see it happen again. >> jamie: please continue to follow it for us and come back, captain nash. thank you for your insight today. important topic.
8:46 am
>> eric: thank you, jamie. 16 days to break the deadlock on the nation's debt crisis. coming up, some eye-opening details and what could happen to our cash if the lawmakers can't make a deal in time. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
8:47 am
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8:50 am
>> jamie: the debt crisis, no deal in sight. time is running out. 16 days left to make a deal on the national debt. what if the nation defaults? how could it affect your investments? brenda buttner is here to help us out. what do we do? >> if we default, investors are going to require higher returns on what will be rissicer investments, u.s. treasury. that means your borrowing costs are going up. credit cards, mortgages, auto loans. anything like that. you are going to see the higher borrowing costs. a lot of people may think about getting out of the stock market. we remember the meltdown in 2008.
8:51 am
some forecasters expect the market will get jittery. if it does, you can invest in that jitteriness essentially by investing on the so-called vix, the fear gauge. that is a risky investment itself. if you think the market is going up and down, that is one way to do it. you can say i think market will go down. you can invest in etf to bet against the market, they bet for the bears. a lot of people are going in to cash. but consider this, if you put the cash in the backyard, in your mattress, inflation will go up. the worth of the money will go down. it's difficult to find any so-called safe investment. the hope is we get to the brink and we won't default.
8:52 am
in the past, we have seen the interest rates have gone up. about half a point in 1979. and, you know, that does have pretty important impact on all of us. >> jamie: that should be interesting. hope for that, as opposed to it going down. thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: we know the media has been covering the case for years. disappearance of caylee anthony to her mother standing trial for murder and the stunning acquittal. you know now casey anthony is free. liz trotta in a moment will have the last word on how the media covered her. can become romantic just like that. a spark might come from -- a touch, a glance -- it can come along anywhere, anytime. and when does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their abity to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day so you can be ready anytime thment's right
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8:56 am
>> eric: well, she is free. casey anthony walked out of jail around midnight to destination unknown. now speculation about a possible media interview. what is next in the media coverage? how did the media do? liz trotta is author, journalist and fox news contributor who joins with us the commentary on media every sunday morning. good morning. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: does this end it? >> sound the trumpets, here we go. all the network with cash in hand will fight for casey anthoniee attention and the big interview. of course, we'll all dream up some excuse, licensing, and you know, what went for fund to cure cancer. they will make up something.
8:57 am
they are ready to pay. of it will be interesting to see who lands it and how many lies she tells the interviewer. the other development is one representative in florida who is already flirting with a first amendment case by saying he wants a law to make at it crime for a juror, any juror to profit from the trial he sits on after the verdict is in. one juror already in the case, aptdny trial has an agent and has been offered $50,000. this is going to be about money. everyone is talking about her safety but it's going to be about money. it will be for the media, really. to get in their postanthony, casey anthony mindset and wing themselves off the fix of hourly casey anthony
8:58 am
story. best advice comes from a writer from the "chicago tribune." john cass. i am struck by this. he says when anthony shows up on some network, do yourselves a favor. turn your back. don't watch the program. don't buy the products. ignore the network for months. just put the anthony carnival in a box. close the lid and walk away. that is good advice for all of us. you know that we are going to start immediately seeing casey anthony sighting. like ufos, where they think she is. how accessible she might be. don't you think? >> eric: i do. it raises interesting issue, hollywood reporter says the casey anthony could backfire on the gnaws organization. >> absolutely. >> eric: questioning the whole thing. >> i think they also will have the attendant p.r. with
8:59 am
it, so to make it look like well, we are really going to find out what happens in the 30 days. whether she did it or. no they will find something to get away with it. you lose by underestimating the greed of the television not work. >> na do you believe there will be an interview and think it will change hands? >> no question in my mind. stay tuned for the book and movie. the movie might be harder unless they decide they will do the casey anthony story without her and tells the story of what really happened. that is that she probably murdered her own child. >> eric: he was acquitted but, of course, this is really about justice for little caylee. at the end of the day. what a tragic, sad case. thank you, as always. that does it for us on sunday morning. in the summer. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: great to have you here. i'm jamie colby. more news ahead. all day long. america's